The Dig
Boswell's Dreams
Midnight and Moll Flanders
Counting Days
A Girl of the Limberlost

"THE DIG is a beautiful tapestry incorporating mythology, archaeology, psychology... endlessly engaging, compelling, and enjoyable... I laughed, I cried, and I told my family and colleagues not to miss it."
Sandy Ernst, Associate Artistic Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater   more

"THE DIG digs up deep feelings and raises the question of whether the truth can really set us free. That is something worth asking ourselves."
Brenda DeVita, Associate Artistic Director, American Players Theatre   more

"It was a fascinating story, and so well done. I really did enjoy it enormously."
Tim Melchert, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Marquette University   more

"This production made a profound impact on all of us, and we wish you future success with the production."
Maya Abels, President, and Kristen Fischer, Development Director, Milwaukee Center for Independence Foundation   more

"I will tell you honestly your last two plays have been among the best theater experiences I have had in Milwaukee."
John Fennel, Editor, Milwaukee Magazine    more

"Marie Kohler's BOSWELL'S DREAMS is an engrossing literary adventure/mystery..."
Joe Hanredddy, Artistic Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater   more

"Great dialogue conjuring up one era that hated cant and another that was beginning to reinvent it."
David Gordon, Director and CEO, Milwaukee Art Museum   more

"BOSWELL'S DREAMS unfolds like a great detective story... a love story, a delightful comedy, and a cautionary tale that reminds us not to look at history through the narrow lens of our own preconceptions."
William Brown, Director/Associate Artist, Writers' Theatre, Chicago   more

"From the moment the play began... Marie Kohler's penchant for drama was evident."
Paula Suozzi, Artistic Director, Milwaukee Shakespeare   more

"I encourage you to read Marie Kohler's new play. Her adaptation creates a lovely sense of resonance and memory, and smoothly unifies an episodic novel."
Edward Morgan, Associate Artistic Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater   more

"It seems to me that you have pulled off something quite unusual and valuable in transforming Defoe's novel into such a compelling piece of theater."
David Frank, Artistic Director, American Players Theatre   more

"Ms. Kohler is an excellent storyteller who uses language imaginatively and poetically. Her voice has clarity and purpose. The play is dynamic, fast-paced and exciting, both for the artists performing and the audiences experiencing it."
James DePaul, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Professional Theatre Training Program   more

"We admire your play's brisk style, its effortless pacing, and its societal observations. It is, in short, extremely stage-worthy."
McCarter Theatre, Princeton, New Jersey   more

"You have a real sense of what was at the core of Katherine Mansfield's life...Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work."
Emily Mann, Artistic Director, McCarter Theatre   more

"I'd like to encourage you to read Marie Kohler's intriguing play... I found much to enjoy in it –spare dialogue, fresh intercutting and pockets of complicated big emotion."
Stephen Wadsworth, Stage Director, Seattle, Washington   more

"I would like to recommend Marie Kohler's deft and unusual play. Ms. Kohler uses a unique theatrical device to tell this story...I know you will appreciate "COUNTING DAYS."
Claudia Carter Covington, Charlotte Repertory Theatre, South Carolina   more

"[COUNTING DAYS is] a very fine play, an important play...The play is shapely. The language is right, it crackles or sings as necessary. You bring to your subject encompassing sympathy, Catholicism, a courtesy and generosity of the heart."
Ihab Hassan, Vilas Professor Emeritus, Dept. of English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee